Best galaxy s7 edge case reviews

If you are looking for a case for your Galaxy S7 Edge that will protect it from almost any drop then this one will work out great. There is always a trade off with protection vs. bulk so you won’t be getting a sleek and skinny case with this one.

There are two, hard plastic halves that clip over your phone to make a shell. You then wrap the rubber backing over the shell and can attach to belt clip if desired. The case is really easy to assemble and disassemble and only takes about 20 seconds to get it all set up. The buttons are covered but are still easy to press. A bottom, rubber flap covers the charger and headphone port and is easily accessible. There is a kickstand in the back in the shape of a ring. It’s easily adjustable to move the phone to any angle and supports the phone without a problem.

The two halves that clip over the phone are very sturdy and dense plastic. The rubber used is thick, and once assembled, your phone will be protected from most any average falls. The front of the case is raised so the glass of your phone can never come in contact with the ground. The only drops that will break your phone with this case are the ones where you drop your phone onto a smaller object like a rock. The only thing that can potentially protect against that are tempered glass screen protectors but unfortunately they don’t have any for the Edge. I have already dropped my phone once onto my kitchen floor and had no issues with the case. The rubber absorbed the entire force and the phone was fine.

                           -Written by customers bmack

Triple layer TPU rubber case for your S7 Edge?

-Extreme protection. This is a triple layer case with a belt holster.
-The belt clip rotates 360 degrees, so that you have the flexibility of carrying this however you like. One of the reasons why I dislike belt holsters is that they are typically stuck to one angle. The S7 Edge is way too long to sit horizontal.
-It comes with a ring in the back. If you don’t know what the ring does, you might want to take a look at the image I have attached below. The ring serves as a stand, or you can slip your finger through the ring to give it a better grip. Often times with bigger phones, it is difficult to handle with one hand. The ring fixes that right up.

-Written by customer Charlie Liu

This galaxy 7 edge case is amazing it works so well. Its very sturdy and i love that your able to stand up your phone when you want to watch a movie. This would have come in handy when i was in the plane and was watching movies on my phone. Its a perfect fit and mine had nothing wrong with it, It is great for the price and was easy to put on my phone. I was able to get this case for my honest opinion and im so glad i was able to cause it is a great case. I will highly recommend it for anyone with a galaxy s7 phone i posted on my instagram and i hope my opinion will help you in decide on purchasing this phone case you will not regret it.

-Written by customer Jacqueline Fowler



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