Great protection for the S7 Edge-S7 Edge Case Review

My husband and I both got new Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge phones in March and, since then, I have tested a number of cases for them. I have found most of the cases for the Edge don’t offer the protection that I was used to with cases for our old phones, which were S5s. Thankfully, this case seems to be an exception in that it offers the excellent protection without compromising the use of our phones.

To use this case, you insert your phone into a 2-piece rigid plastic shell, which is then inserted into a thick silicone outer cover. All of the functions of the phone are available while it’s in the case, which then snaps into a holster that you can wear on your belt or waistband. The holster has a swivel attachment, and there is also a kickstand on the inner plastic shell, which fits through the silicone outer cover, and which also swivels.

I did find that the kickstand functions best with the phone in a horizontal position. The manufacturer suggests putting the phone into the holster face-in for the best protection. It fits well into the holster either way, but it does take a little practice to get the phone in and out of the holster.

View more details of the galaxy s7 edge case at Amazon.


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