The best thin and slim case for iPhone SE and Galaxy S7

There are hundreds thousands of cases for iPhone SE and Galaxy S7, most known are from Otterbox, Spigen etc. While there are more cases for iPhone SE from less known brand.

ROCK is just one of those brands who has well made iphone SE cases. Now these cases are sold at Amazon store boserous.

Check what our customers and reviewers said:

“It’s a good, basic covering for the iPhone 5S that works equally well for the SE. Fits snug, buttons all work, the only difficult part of it is the switch that is right above the volume controls is difficult to reach. If you have decent nails it will might be easier, luckily though I never use that switch.

The cosmetic aspects of it are simple and professional. I do marketing, meeting with a lot of clients, and this case doesn’t stand out and draw attention to it, while still being attractive to those who do notice it.”

“This case by ROCK is the perfect case for any iPhone 5/5s/SE. The case features a black soft layer, surrounded by a gold plastic hard layer. The two layer design of the case is great because it allows the case to offer more protection for the phone. The inside layer, being soft, absorbs shock from drops better, and the outside layer helps distribute the shock so that it reduces the impact of the drop. Another thing I like about this case is that it is quite thin. This allows my phone to fit nicely into my pocket without any problems, which is good. Overall, I could not be happier with this case, and I would recommend it to you.”

“Very nice looking case. Much better than the pictures can show. Solid construction of the main case. The red metal is prominent and looks great. Fells good in the hands, cutouts in the right places. Looks good, functions well. The backing on the case that isn’t metal is pretty grippy so it’s good for people who may need some additional help holding onto their phones, but it may also interfere with pocket carry if you have tight pants. Overall a great case. I think it feels really good and doesn’t get stuck too much in and out of the pocket especially given the size of the iphone SE. The red part is a hard plastic/metal while the rest of the phone is a flexible rubber/plastic and the contrast between the two of the materials makes the case stand out in a good way.”

“I will admit, when offered this case for review my expectations for the quality of this case were pretty low. You can find nice cases at this price point $9.99, but usually you have to buy them from established companies like Ringke or Cruzerlite. This case came from a company that I can only assume is new to the American markets. My expectations were definitely wrong. This case is surprisingly very nice and reminds me a lot of the Caseology cases that I often review. Here is what I like:
+ This case isn’t the fanciest looking case that I’ve owned, but it also doesn’t look cheap either.
+ It provides fairly good protection. It is a dual layer case made of TPU for the interior portion holding the case, and a hard plastic bumper that surrounds the sides and top of the phone.
+ It is thin and doesn’t add too much bulk to the S7.
– My only complaint with this case is that the TPU covering the back of the phone is just a little on the thin side. I would have liked for it to be a little thicker, but Rock was clearly going for “sleek and thin” with this case.
Conclusion: This case combines good looks with a nice feel and even provides some protection for the phone. At this price point I call this case a buy.”

There cases are much more thin and slim with an affordable price at Amazon.

See the most popular $8.99 Dual Layer Thin & Slim Shockproof Case for iPhone SE / iPhone 5s  and the most liked $9.99  Dual Layer Thin & Slim Shockproof Case for Samsung Galaxy S7 below as photos.


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